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Latest News

  • Agri Globe 16 August 2017
    August 16th 2017
      WMP price slips at GDT Rabo: Slowing milk production will increase competition Welcome rain in cropping regions USDA sees slower growth North-South divide on EU wheat yields...
  • GDT194 another go
    August 15th 2017
     Ahead of the last auction I was somewhat confidently suggesting a 3% - 5% lift in the WMP futures and a robust result across the board.  The -1.6% result in the GDT auction and a modest +1...
  • Environment plans to the fore.
    August 12th 2017
     Environmental Farm Plans must be part of Farm Business plans.
  • Agri Globe 9 August 2017
    August 9th 2017
    • Westland raises payout • Aust milk production down 7% last season • US exports continued to build in June   • France lifts wheat harvest estimates
  • Agri Globe 1 August 2017
    August 1st 2017
    Fonterra milk intake jumps, lifts payout BOM: Warmer and drier in spring Overall trade trends mixed  IGC: Dry weather to prompt hefty drop in world grains
  • GDT 193 interesting
    August 1st 2017
    At the time of the last auction I identified that it was hard to get excited with either the price action or the prospects for the auction (#192) given that +/- 1% looked to be likely (and indeed the...
  • Agri Globe 25 July 2017
    July 25th 2017
    • Stronger 2017/18 milk price? • MG confirms 200m litre intake drop • GDT index edges higher  • US import prices drift lower    
  • Agri Globe 19 July 2017
    July 19th 2017
    Butter increases at gDT A$ surge threatens milk price gains No newcomers to Rabo’s top 20 July 19, 2017 More beef put pressure on US import prices RFG’s spending grows...
  • MyFarm Business service launched
    July 19th 2017
    As a result of growing demand from farmers outside the MyFarm group of dairy farm syndicates, MyFarm has decided to make our farm business management services available to all New Zealand dairy...
  • GDT #192
    July 18th 2017
    The GDT auctions this calendar year have (relative to the experience of prior years) shown relatively low levels of volatility. In fact, as shown below, only one auction amongst the last 12 has shown...
  • How do you like them apples
    July 14th 2017
    The "Investors guide to the New Zealand produce industry" produced recently by Tim Morris and team represents an excellent snapshot of just how well the New Zealand permanent crop sector is...
  • Agri Globe 11 July 2017
    July 11th 2017
    Fonterra struggle to meet winter demand Australian exports continue to track lower US exports continue to rise  Smallest Aus wheat crop in a decade?

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