There are four ways you can invest in New Zealand farms with MyFarm

Wholesale investments not open to the public

Become a shareholder in a MyFarm syndicate*

A MyFarm syndicate is a farm business owned by a small group of investors. Typically, there are five to 15 investors are involved in a single syndicate. The investment is structured as a limited liability partnership and ownership is issued in proportion to the sum invested (minimum investment of NZ$250,000). A shareholder agreement and constitution govern all aspects of the business. The syndicate owns the land, plant and stock, while a manager is employed to run the day-to-day farming activities. The minimum investment in a MyFarm syndicate is NZ$250,000*.

MyFarm syndicate offers are not able to be taken up unless you fall within the exclusions applicable to offers made to wholesale investors as set out in Schedule 1, clauses 3(2)(a)-(c) and 3(3)(a)-(b)(ii) inclusive of the Financial Markets Conducts Act 2013 (FMCA). You can obtain further information on FMCA requirements and whether you come within the exclusions and their requirements at

*As with any investment, there are risks. Investors should seek independent advice before investing.

Own your own farm

If you want to own a farm outright, we can help you identify the right farms, in the right areas, with the most potential.

Retail investments open to the public

Indirect investment in a MyFarm syndicate via a Collective Investment Vehicle (CIV)

A CIV is an investment option that allows collective ownership of an individual MyFarm syndicate holding through smaller investments of no less than $20,000. A CIV is structured as a limited liability company and investment in the initial public offer is via a registered prospectus.

Trade Shares on Syndex

Syndex is a powerful online exchange helping buyers and sellers tap into proportionally-owned assets.

It’s a peer-to-peer marketplace for the many groups of people who pool their financial resources to invest in assets that meet their common interests, such as shares in privately-owned companies or units in property syndicates.

Syndex lets investors easily buy and sell assets that were previously difficult to price and trade. It provides rich sources of information and a secure online environment for you to purchase, manage and trade your assets, letting you cash up at a market price and time that suits you.

Frequently asked questions

In-depth answers to the questions most asked by investors


Ways to invest

Investing in New Zealand farming doesn't mean buying the whole farm. MyFarm gives you options.


New Zealand Investment Law

The New Zealand Government has legislation in place to ensure this country is a safe place to do business.



Risk is an important aspect of the farming business. The uncertainties of weather, yields, prices, government policies, global markets, and other factors can cause wide swings in farm income. Risk management involves choosing among alternatives that reduce the financial effects of such uncertainties.


Which investment performed best?
The latest investment comparison figures are in and it's no surprise where dairy sits in the longer-term investment picture.
Sheep and Beef investment for the future
Using MyFarm’s successful 25-year dairy syndication model, we provide syndicate investments in high quality, large scale properties, and we manage these investments and their performance.

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National sales manager
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