Agri-Globe Weekly

  • NZ milk output down in August
  • Rabobank: supply chain reset
  • GDT index lifts 
  • Argentina wheat plantings flooded
  • Stormy weather brings soggy conditions

  • Dry July stunts Aus milk recovery

  • Argentina’s supply still down but recovering

  • US import beef prices steady

  • Landcorp profits rise
  • GDT index lifts, prices mixed
  • US import beef prices steady
  • Argentina wheat crop under water
  • NZ milk output up 7.9% in July        
  • Bellamy’s posts loss       
  • NZ WMP exports continue to rise
  • US import beef lower still         ...

• NZ exports more fresh cheese
• BoM: Dry and warm spring ahead
• Brazil’s imports fall again 
• US import beef trades at discount


  • WMP price slips at GDT
  • Rabo: Slowing milk production will increase competition
  • Welcome rain in cropping regions
  • USDA sees slower growth
  • North-South divide on EU wheat yields         

• Westland raises payout
• Aust milk production down 7% last season
• US exports continued to build in June  
• France lifts wheat harvest estimates

  • Fonterra milk intake jumps, lifts payout
  • BOM: Warmer and drier in spring
  • Overall trade trends mixed 
  • IGC: Dry weather to prompt hefty drop in world grains

• Stronger 2017/18 milk price?
• MG confirms 200m litre intake drop
• GDT index edges higher 
• US import prices drift lower

  • Butter increases at gDT
  • A$ surge threatens milk price gains
  • No newcomers to Rabo’s top 20 July 19, 2017
  • More beef put pressure on US import prices
  • RFG’s spending grows every year


  • Fonterra struggle to meet winter demand
  • Australian exports continue to track lower
  • US exports continue to rise 
  • Smallest Aus wheat crop in a decade?
  • Synlait cuts milk price
  • Australian milk down 2.8% in March
  • Global outlook: balanced but diverse
  • US import prices at record high
  • Dairy farmers plan to invest
  • Bega launch $160m capital raising
  • GDT slips – first fall since March
  • Sheep and Beef farmer confidence surges
  • NZ dairy drives economy
  • Fonterra Australia opens
  • Brazil supply recovers
  • Australian cattle prices remain high
  • NZ milk price expectations strengthen
  • Australian opening prices released
  • Cheese winning on GDT 
  • Brazil lift wheat import forecasts
  • NZX milk price futures growing
  • MG announce $4.70 opening price
  • Market outlook mixed
  • Prices heat up in US imported beef market

• Fonterra lifts prices
• Dairy farm sales up 20%
• Global dairy trade up marginally in Q1-17 
• IGC lowers grain forecast

• NZ output surges in April
• Australian cattle prices firm on rebuilder demand, exports
• China’s imports to rise 15%
• Japan beef imports hit 14 year peak
• EU grain harvest forecast cut 

  • NZ cow culling lower
  • Norco and Coles extend PL deal
  • Further jump in the GDT prices 
  • US imported prices edge up
  • Overseas grain puts pressure on NZ prices

• 3.6% price rise at gDT overnight
• MG announces closures, write-downs
• China ups imports of high-value products
• World stocks to fall by less 

• NZ farmgate prices likely to rise
• Aus beef industry pushes for bobby ban...then backs down
• Prices converge into a tighter band 
• Australian crop return to average yields

  • NZ farmgate prices likely to rise
  • Aus beef industry pushes for bobby ban...then backs down
  • Prices converge into a tighter band
  • US imported beef prices fall again
  • Heavy rains could affect cropland in Argentina
  • NZ floods impacting outlook?
  • Aus Exports marginally higher
  • Another mixed GDT auction April 11, 2017 • US imported beef dives
  • Canadian farmland prices grow
  • Synlait profits creep ahead
  • Aus processors focus on cheese
  • Flat global outlook at best
  • US imported beef prices higher still
  • Adjusted NZ milk output up 3.3% in Feb
  • Aus milk dips in the February heat
  • Mixed news from GDT   
  • US import beef prices move even higher                         ...
  • Fonterra ownership to go global?
  • MG parachutes in new chair
  • China in e-backdown
  • Up, up and away for US imported beef prices
  • German grain harvests to rebound 
  • NZ payout forecasts under pressure
  • Australian milk production falls
  • GDT powder prices crash March
  • US beef import prices edge up. again
  • Brazil upgrades corn, soy harvests
  • Chance of warmer and drier weather in New Zealand
  • Australian price outlook weakens
  • Market outlook weakens
  • EU wheat production to bounce back 
  • Fonterra holds NZ$6 forecast
  • Murray Goulburn plunges into loss
  • Chines imports expected to rise
  • US imported beef...

 Farm Investment Insight

Investment Insight is a quarterly publication from MyFarm. It is a facts based analysis of issues and trends relevant to farm investment in New Zealand.

What our MyFarm syndicate farms are doing at an operational level to tackle low milk prices.

Australian dairy industry analysts, Joanne Bills and Steve Spencer compare and contrast the Victorian and New Zealand dairy industries.

Brian Cloughley and Andrew Watters explore:

  • How the milk price ended up at $4.70/kg milk solids
  • The ability of the world to satisfy future Chinese demand
  • NZ farmers cost of production challenge 

Grant Rowan discusses what increasing milk price variability means for farmers:

  • Is milk price variability here to stay?
  • Which farm systems are the most resilient?
  • What tools can be used to increase profitability during milk price shocks?

On the eve of Fonterra announcing its new season milk price we make some predictions:

  • A starting milk price of $6.60 - $6.80/kgms increasing by 50-60 cents during the season
  • A milk price of $10 - $12.50/kgms by 2024. 
  • The role of real assets in a portfolio
  • Diversification - why?
  • Change is coming
  • Is capital growth dead?
  • What has happened to dairy land values?
  • Drivers of future capital growth

 Investment News

Investment News is a quarterly newsletter which is focused on the business of dairy farm syndicate investment.
  • Top prize for Canterbury couple
  • NZ's unique position in global dairy markets
  • Lowering break-even milk price to increase profitability
  • Sharpening the focus on financial performance
  • What's your vision of the future for NZ Ag?
  • Investors want a slice of the kiwifruit sector
  • Finance team's new suite of reports
  • Buying and selling on Syndex
  • The case for diversification
  • Importance of a quick recovery
  • MyFarm Farmer of the Year winners
  • Real-time reporting for CIV investors
  • The outlook is up
  • Sarah Watson - new Canterbury farm supervisor
  • Giving more kiwis access to farm investment
  • Dairy and our Environment
  • Merry Christmas from MyFarm
  • MyFarm share sales
  • MyFarm Conference 2013
  • Long vs short term investment decisions
  • MyFarm's new sales manager
  • Systems, people and technology major focus for 2012/13
  • New Ipad technology on farm
  • People, Capital and Technology  - the key ingredients for growth
  • MyFarm share sales provide liquidity
  • Our award winning dairy farmers
  • Largescale conversion project almost completed
  • MyFarm challenges some public perceptions about Dairy farming
  • New faces in Southland and Canterbury
  • Farm safety requires investment
  • From South Africa to Southland - farm manager profile

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