Managing Dairy Farms

As professional investors and farm managers, we look for dairy farms in the top 25% with the most potential for production gains and capital growth. To these we add quality stock and infrastructure, top management and a sound business plan.

Once a farm syndicate has been established, our role is to represent the interests of investors. By taking a disciplined approach, we aim to ensure the farm business performs consistently, with predictable costs, reliable cashflow, and planned productivity growth.

As an investor, you can be confident your investment is in capable hands:

  • MyFarm appoints a career farmer as manager of the day-to-day operation of the farm.
  • The farm manager reports to a MyFarm Agribusiness Manager, whose role is to oversee the farm business, monitor performance against set targets, assist with key decision making, and provide regular reporting on the farm business to the syndicate board of directors.
  • MyFarm’s scale allows us to pass on significant cost savings to the farm businesses we manage through bulk buying of important farm inputs including fertiliser, cull cows, insurance, and even interest rates.
  • We provide investors with an ‘experience’ through participative joint farm ownership. As an investor you can elect to become a board member and have close involvement in the governance of your business.