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Gold Kiwifruit

El Dorado Orchard Limited Partnership

It’s been a long time between drinks (a whole year) since we last presented investors with an opportunity to invest in a gold kiwifruit orchard.

These are highly sought after and hardly ever come on the open market. However, due to the quality of our local relationships, and the large scale of this operation, MyFarm has secured an uncontested private treaty purchase instead of having to compete at a tender. This opens a small, exclusive window to invest in this exciting export sector.

Location: Paengaroa – at the eastern end of the Tauranga expressway
Size: 14.2 canopy hectares
Type of investment: Income from lease rental and 70% profit share
Lessee: DMS (leases and manages over 400 hectares in Bay of Plenty)
Lease term: 10 years with one right of renewal of 5 years
Returns: Average forecast returns of 10% p.a. for the first 5 years. Monthly distributions start June 2018
Minimum investment: $100,000
Offer Status: Limited Units Available

This offer is open to persons investing no less than $100,000 and who fall within the exclusions applicable to offers made to “wholesale investors” as set out in Schedule 1, clauses 3(2)(a)-(c) and 3(3)(a)-(b)(ii) inclusive of the Financial Markets Conducts Act 2013 (FMCA). You can obtain further information on FMCA requirements, and whether you come within the exclusions and their requirements at 


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