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 Frequently Asked Questions

What options does MyFarm offer farmers?

Our farm syndicate owners are looking for skilled, experienced contract milkers and farm managers to manage their investments and achieve performance targets.
Some MyFarm syndicates also offer farmers the opportunity to invest in the farm syndicate as an Equity Manager.

Why work with the MyFarm group?

Drawing on more than 24 years experience in farming and farm investment, MyFarm manages 47 dairy farms, predominantly in Southland and Canterbury. For the right farmers, we offer:
·    Well established and resourced farm businesses
·    Training in the latest farm management technologies
·    Support from Agribusiness Managers who know and understand the business of farming in a corporate environment
·    Opportunities to grow. We encourage career progression within the MyFarm group and we can also provide access to equity for farmers who have clear, strategic growth plans that fit with investors’ goals
·    Benchmarking and recognition of good performance
·    Networking opportunities including MyFarm discussion groups and regular farmer events such as MyFarm’s annual Milk It conference.

As a farm syndicate manager, who am I working for?

In the first year, you’ll work directly with your MyFarm Agribusiness Manager, managing the farm business and learning to implement MyFarm processes and systems.
Farmers are contracted by the investors in the farm business and report to the Board of Directors. The main channel of communication with the Board is through the Chairman. MyFarm’s management model is built on giving you more responsibility over time and growing your relationship with the Chairman and Directors.

How often will the farm owners (investors) visit the farm?

MyFarm arranges annual farm visits by the investors so you can get to know the owners of the business. If investors want to visit at any other time, we ask that they check with your MyFarm Agribusiness Manager to ensure that the timing of the visit fits with your schedule.
In some cases, the Chairman of a MyFarm syndicate lives locally and visits the farm more often. We encourage this as part of building the relationship between you and the owners.

How does MyFarm support its farmers?

Each farmer has a dedicated MyFarm Agribusiness manager and administrator  working with them on the business.
Your Agribusiness Manager works closely with you in achieving production and profit targets and is your key support person for all farm and business related matters. On-farm meetings are held every month to discuss a range of topics, including feed supply and demand, herd management, financial performance, and the overall development of the farm in line with the business plan.

Your MyFarm Administrator is based at MyFarm head office in Feilding. They work closely with you and your Agribusiness Manager to ensure correct processing of monthly accounts and payrolls (where required), manage stock reconciliation, and ensure compliance documentation is completed.
Our networks and relationships with key service providers enable us to provide you with extra knowledge and skills that are not readily available to most farmers – from financial and risk management advice to specialist support on animal and feed performance.

MyFarm also organises training days for new technology and software (e.g. Farmax and Xero), as well as quarterly discussion groups. All farmers are invited to join our private MyFarm Facebook page and attend MyFarm’s annual Milk it Conference in Queenstown.

How much reporting is required?

Regular communication is vital to a successful relationship between farmers and investors. MyFarm’s management information systems are designed to enhance the flow of information between the two.
·    MyFarm provides training and support in the use of Farmax, our primary monthly planning and reporting tool
·    Farmers are also involved in generating financial reports using Xero + Figured, and other online accounting software
·    All Farmers are required to maintain accurate MINDA records.

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